Protecting Assets

wiresharkSafety is nowadays an important item in your network and Internet services.
Credit card payments and all other transactions take place with great regularity. You as an entrepreneur
have to deal with storage of such delicate information. Additionally you have to deal with personnel the information is treated.

All these things can make you sometimes missout important security issues, or just want to know whether foreign software
and / or malware is installed on your network. Is your network and Internet Server safe for malicious attacks ?
On all these questions, the specialists of NCN Internetworks Ltd have an answer, we  can test this through some
very extensive security checks. You will receive a report afterwards, stating the threats to your network and how severebt5r3small they are.

Together with NCN these threats can be eliminated or your IT staff can do this themself, possibly in cooperation with
NCN. Contact us for more details.